Rare breed, free range, outdoor pigs raised by Anna Rankin at Micklefield Hall Farm, Sarratt

The Pigs

The pigs we breed at Micklefield Hall are Oxford Sandy and Blacks, a breed created 200 years ago by crossing a Tamworth with a Gloucester Old Spot. All our pigs are free range with plenty of outdoor space in which to enjoy themselves. We limit each paddock to just one sow and her piglets and let them forage and wallow to their hearts' content. In short they have a wonderful life on the farm!

The Meat

The resulting pork has more flavour and a better texture than mass produced pig meat. We can supply you fresh or frozen meat, whole pigs for spit roasting, 1/2 pigs whole or butchered to your own requirements, fresh or ready to freeze. Selections include leg joints, belly, loin and chops

The Micklefield Sausage

Only fresh pork, natural herbs, spices and rusk go into our sausages. There are no preservatives or artificial flavours - just the real taste of real pork.
Eat them fresh or freeze for later

Jonathan & Laura Chapman’s Ruby Red Devon cattle graze the fields at Micklefield – and produce the most delicious, succulent, tasty beef ever! www.native-beef.co.uk

Micklefield Hall Foods

To order, please contact:
Anna Rankin
Micklefield Hall
Sarratt Road
Sarratt, Nr, Rickmansworth
Herfordshire WD3 6AQ Telephone: 01923 778898
or email: anna@micklefieldhall.com